Standpoint Media is a leading Cork based video production company, delivering high quality, high definition video productions to clients on time and on budget.

Standpoint Media was founded in 2006 and from the very beginning has always taken the time to ensure that each video looks its very best. Clients have been delighted by the professional look of our videos, which often dramatically exceed their expectations.

We understand that a video at its best needs to be vibrant, lively and well crafted. It must seize the viewers’ interest and carry them through to the end. Standpoint prides itself on having the knowledge, experience and technical skill to deliver high-end corporate, event, product and training videos.

We take a lot of time to ensure that each video looks its very best. Since 2006 we have expanded our repertoire of film making equipment to allow us to deliver high end production results.

Dramatically improves customer recall and perception of quality

Increases conversion rates on sites

SEO: Google now ranks sites with video higher than standard sites

Allows the delivery of a large amount of information, quickly

  • “I believe the quality of the imagery shot was excellent, they focused in on the beautiful nature of our product… we’ve had nothing but favourable feedback from our international distributors about the video…”
    Tom Palmer,
    Peterson of Dublin
  • “We used the videos at our Annual dinner in Cork City Hall. The reception they got was fantastic. It brought to life so much more the companies business and their success. We already have plans to use videos again next year.”
    Renate Murphy,
    Marketing Director,
    Cork Chamber of Commerce
  • “We were very very happy with Standpoints production of the video…we had given them a very quick briefing… We were really delighted that they were able to take our briefing, go away and coming back with a first draft that we were very happy with…”
    Jarleth Feeney,
    Independant Media

  • High Definition Video
  • DVD Replication
  • Web Delivery Preparation
  • Professional Voiceovers

  • Beautiful Photography & Videography
  • Fast Turnaround
  • 2D & 3D Graphics
  • Multilingual Versions