Training Videos

Training in any company is a huge challenge, the time, expense & logistics of getting a group of people in the same room at the same time. Training videos allow you to create an always accessible library of content that your staff can use to increase their skills.

Event Video

A Sales Conference, a team building day, a training conference. These are the type of things that for us fall under the "Event" category. Filming hours of content from multiple cameras is a challenge and it's one that we've succeeded at over and over again.


Motion Graphics Animations are a great new way to get your ideas across. Particularly with online services & apps where you need to demonstrate the look and feel of how the product works. Motion Graphics Animations are perfect for this.

Corporate Video

Corporate Videos. They can be an overview of the company, case studies with clients or anything in between. We work with you to develop the messaging of a video. Standpoint has made over 1000 corporate videos in the last 8 years, we know what works and what doesn't.


Standpoint Media is a leading Corporate Video production Company. We produce the most effective high quality video content for clients across Ireland & the UK. We've produced over 1000 videos in the last 8 years. Give us a call and let's start rolling on yours.

One Million Views and counting.

That's how many people have watched our videos. How many will watch yours?

featured projects

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GRASP WEARABLE TECH. A beautiful and engaging video about the advanced Run System.

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CMDR CHRIS HADFIELD. The Laya Healthcare Pendulum summit documented by Standpoint.

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UNICA. The team at Unica were looking for a unique way to show off their offering. Animation was the perfect solution.

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THE PHYSIO CENTRE. Working with everyone from office workers to professional athletes.

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ATLANTIC FLIGHT TRAINING. Capturing the magic of flight.

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THE QUEENS VISIT. We wanted to capture the excitement of the Queen's Visit to Cork

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EPUB DIRECT. ePub needed to show off their breakthrough service. Motion Graphics Animation was the way to go.

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TIME IN ICELAND. Sometimes we just like to shoot something beautiful. Iceland is the perfect place.