• Corporate Video for HR Locker
    HR Locker were awarded Emerging Company of the Year by Cork Chamber of Commerce. For the awards ceremony a video was produced. HR Locker & the Cork Chamber were very happy with the product. It is now used their direct sales team in the UK. They also felt it reflected their company so well that they now attach links to the video to every email that leaves the company. The video has been received very well.
  • Product Video for In Hand Guides
    In Hand Guides needed a simple, effective video to show off their new handheld product. They called Standpoint Media to produce a high quality product video that would sell their new media player on the web. In Standpoint’s studio, a slick thirtysecond video of the product was created, carefully crafted with particular attention to lighting and motion that maximized the elegant design of the product. A professional voice over was added for additional detail. IHG were very pleased with the product video. It is now the primary item visible on the frontpage of their website.
  • Motion Graphics Animation Video for CityLife Wealth Advisors
    CityLife Wealth advisers were looking for a simple way to educate their potential customers on their Bespoke Portfolio product. Standpoint Media worked with them and together we decided that motion graphics was the best method of deliver a large amount of information quickly. We used graphics animations in conjunction with a professional voiceover to effectively describe the advantages of their product quickly.
  • Event Video for Cork Chamber of Commerce
    Standpoint Media is providing a series of event video services for Cork Chamber of Commerce, starting with their Business Breakfast with Frank Daly, NAMA on Thursday 19th May 2011. Both Standpoint Media and the Chamber of Commerce are very excited about the upcoming event videos as they will allow the Chamber of Commerce to showcase their many high caliber speakers and business events, and Standpoint will also be able to demonstrate its range of high quality video products.